2011/2012 Year in Review

Back to school! 
August 2011

  A new "Lunch Bunch" crew is ready to roll!
At our school, all 4th and 5th grade students perform one week of student service as Recycling Monitors and Lunch Room Helpers. 
Students get hands-on experience, develop ownership for our green program and provide a valuable service to their school.

Bay Farm School leads the way with a new program to reduce plastic trash!

This year Bay Farm worked with AUSD Food Services to eliminate the pre-packaged spork, napkin and straw packet with an alternative that creates less plastic trash. 

Here's how we did it:
1. Utensils are now unwrapped and available as needed from a dispenser. Paper napkins are available as well. 
2. No more plastic straws! Students quickly adjusted to drinking directly from the carton. Lunch time volunteers observed that, without a straw, students even seemed to be drinking more of their milk.
3. But wait! There's more!! Plastic condiment packets were replaced with squeeze bottles. Students can add condiments directly to their tray instead of loading up our trash cans with messy plastic packaging. 

Did we reduce plastic trash? You bet!
We estimate that students who bought lunch generated at least 2 fewer pieces of plastic trash every day. 
Multiply that number by the average number of students who get school lunch at Bay Farm daily for one school year and... (Drum roll, please!)  you get a school that sent approximately 50, 400 fewer pieces of trash to the landfill !

In November, KTVU was on location at Bay Farm School !


When Channel KTVU News needed a school for the location for a news segment that featured schools with green programs our school was a perfect fit. This news feature promoted an opportunity for residents to get rebates for home energy audits through a California state program called Energize for the Prize. 

More information about this program that will raise funds for the Alameda Green Schools Challenge can be found at https://energyupgradeca.org/county/alameda/cbsm_overview

In April: A big, healthy change in our school lunch program!

In April, students came back from spring break to find some big changes in our school lunch program. 
 AUSD is working with the Alameda Green Schools Committee to add a fruit and veggie bar at all of our schools. 
All students who buy school lunch can now load up their tray with a variety of fresh fruits, salad and veggies to go with their main dish. 5th Grade Lunch Bunch helpers stepped right in to assist students in the lunch line and at the salad bar. 

Earth Week at Bay Farm 2012!


From April 16-20, the entire Bay Farm School community celebrated Earth Week. 
What did we do to make this week special? 

  • We took the Walk or Roll Challenge, left the cars at home and walked or rode bikes to school every day!
  • We took the No Waste Lunch Challenge and packed our lunches and drinks in reusable containers every day!

  • Some of the other fun events throughout the week:
    • Students worked in their classrooms on math, writing and art projects that emphasized conservation of natural resources and the environment.
    • A Waste Free Lunch Workshop for parents
    • Our 5th Grade Recycling Olympics at lunch was fun for all
    • The Walk or Roll Raffle meant a ton of prizes for many students
In May...keeping Evening on the Green bright green!
Once again, Bay Farm School proves that a large, school-wide event doesn't have to mean a lot of extra trash will go to our landfill. 
How did we do it? 

We asked our families to try to bring their own plates, cups and utensils to our potluck dinner!

We set up trash sorting stations with signs and go green volunteers so families could compost and recycle!

Our Girl Scout Troop helped publicize the event and set up a "Make Your Own Cloth Napkin" table!


Thank you to Principal Freitas, our students, teachers, custodians, staff and parents! 
Because you care, we had another great year working to achieve our green goals!

Want to be part of our green team at Bay Farm School? 
Send an email to mkuttner@alameda.k12.ca.us today!
We will add you to the Bay Farm Go Green email group. Help a little or help a lot! We want you on our team!!