Earth Week 2011 at Bay Farm School!

hanks to the Bay Farm Go Green Committee, teachers and students who worked together to put together a fun week of activities to recognize the importance of the work we are doing at our school to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Activities included:
  • A daily Earth Week messages from students
  • A challenge to Walk or Roll to School all week!
  • A challenge to make your lunch a No Waste Lunch!
  • A No Waste Workshop for parents
  • 3rd Grade Math Project with Walk or Roll data
  • 5th Grade presentation based on their Action Learning Project and Trash Audits
  • Recycling Olympics at lunch
  • Art Projects in classrooms with recycled materials
  • Walk or Roll Raffle
These activities were fun ways to involve the entire school community and they made a big impact on the way we were throughout the week!
How did we make a difference? 
  • 3rd grade data shows that car use by families was reduced by as much as 75%  each day!
  • Landfill trash from lunch collected for 500+ students didn't even fill up 1 bag!
It's called Earth Week but we are proving again and again that EVERY WEEK is Earth Week at Bay Farm School!

Take a look at some of the photos from Earth Week 2011 

Tree Musketeers, Christopher, Kaitlyn and Matthew paussay the pledge before they address the school with their announcement on Earth Week activities.

Sophia, Mikah and Peri 
continue to spread the news 
at morning announcements 
about the many ways the whole school can get involved during Earth Week!

Three more Tree Musketeers! 
Suzy, Kyle and Kenji remind the school about our school's battery recycling program. 

Students show off their "No Waste Lunches" during Earth Week!
What's a No Waste Lunch?
  • The lunch is packed using reusable containers intended for multiple use
  • No landfill trash
  • Any trash can go in the green bin (like food scraps or paper napkins)
Check out the rest of the pictures of all of the kids with No Waste Lunches in the MPR.
And check out this picture of every bit of the trash we sent to the landfill from lunch 
on April 21.  This is the result of a
 lunch program that emphasizes reusable containers!


Ms. Chaney and our 5th grade students presented data to the whole school on their year-long student science action projects. It was an awesome presentation!
What did we learn?
We are doing very well at sorting trash at lunch. In the classrooms... we still have work to do! These 5th graders discovered that too much of what ends up in our classroom trash bins should actually be in a classroom recycling or compost bin.

Miss Bonnie and our 3rd graders perform "Our Planet, Your Planet".
The students sounded wonderful. It was a musical message that was perfect for Earth Week!

The "Planet Police" and the "Green Giants" do their best during the Recycling Olympics at lunch. Teams included reps from all 3rd 
to 5th grade classrooms. But, everyone enjoyed         cheering on the teams as they battled to sort bags of trash!

First grade students in Mrs. Kuttner's class create "Earth Day Spirit Masks" using recycled lunch trays and other materials from the recycling bins.



The entire school community benefits from all of the fun activities during Earth Week 2011 but a lot of lucky students got a little something extra during the Walk or Roll Raffle on April 21

Thanks to local businesses: Alameda Bicycle, Jamba Juice and Tucker's Ice Cream for donations of gift cards and thanks to the Bay Farm Go Green parents who rounded up lots and lots of toys that encourage physical activity. What a fun way to end the week!